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All About Teeth Misalignments: Overbite, Teeth Crowding, Teeth Spacing and Crossbite.

Teeth Misalignments, Overbite, crossbite, teeth spacing

Overbite, Teeth Crowding, Teeth Spacing and Crossbite – what exactly are they?

We all want that perfect smile to add a spark to our personality. But most of us are not blessed with our dream smile, don’t let it put a damper on our self-confidence.

What if we tell you there is a way to resolve overbite, teeth crowding, teeth spacing, and crossbite? That too in the down-low.

In an ideal situation, the teeth close easily and lightly together in a zig-zag manner and make it easy to speak, chew and maintain good oral hygiene.

Invisible braces are the perfect solution to fix misalignment issues such as overbite, teeth crowding, teeth spacing, and crossbite. Let us tell you how.

Overbite also known as Buck Teeth.

What are overbite teeth?

You have an overbite when your front upper teeth overlap your bottom teeth or your top teeth jut out in front of the bottom teeth. Most of us have a slight overbite, as the upper teeth overlap the bottom teeth. It should be a cause of concern if there is a large gap between upper and lower teeth.

Overbite vs Normal

Overbites are common in kids due to thumb sucking, or the use of bottles and pacifiers. Overbite is easier to fix for kids. Reasons for teenagers suffering from overbite could be hereditary, jaw size mismatch.

Treatment with Invisible Aligners

Invisible braces not only straighten your teeth but are also used as an overbite treatment. Invisible aligners do so by pushing the teeth to the desired position and get you your confident smile. In rare cases, an orthodontist may suggest an overbite correction surgery.

What is a crossbite?

A crossbite is a malocclusion where teeth do not align properly. You have a crossbite if when you bite some or all the teeth do not meet together, are angled out towards the cheeks or in towards the tongue.

Crossbite teeth issue runs in the family, it may also occur due to delayed eruption of teeth, or if you indulged in finger sucking as a child.

Treatment with Invisible Aligners

A crossbite can be fixed with invisible braces. Invisible aligners align your bite by adding gentle pressure that will move your teeth into the right position. Crossbite treatment can help you improve a pleasing face structure.

What are teeth crowding?

Teeth crowding occurs when the teeth cannot fit in one row of your mouth, leading to misalignment between upper and lower teeth, overlapping, irregular, and crooked teeth.

Apart from affecting our self-esteem, they can get difficult to clean, and thus attract more plaque build-up. Teeth crowding is also known to cause food traps in the mouth, causing teeth crowding pain and inflammation in areas where food and plaque have caused irritation.

You can develop teeth crowding in case of early loss of baby teeth, thumb sucking, extensive use of bottles during early childhood. Teeth crowding in adults can be hereditary, so if you have crowded teeth, you will likely see similar misalignment in your parent’s and sibling’s teeth.

Teeth crowding treatment with Invisible braces

Luckily, you can get rid of the teeth crowding without putting in metal bracings. Invisible braces can correct the misalignment in a relatively shorter period.

What are teeth spacing?

Diastemata a technical term for excessive teeth spacing usually occurs when one or more teeth fail to grow, teeth loss, or in case of a discrepancy between jaw size and tooth size.

Why is it necessary to fix spacing teeth?

The gaps allow nearby teeth to shift out of position.

Difficulty chewing.

Spitting while talking.

Teeth spacing treatment with Invisible braces

Invisible braces will gradually close the gaps between the teeth, it is considered the most effective at correcting this misalignment. In most cases, the invisible braces treatment duration only lasts for 6 or 8 months.

Conclusion: Invisible braces can correct and straighten overbite, crossbite, teeth crowding and teeth spacing, with their 3D technology they get an accurate impression of your teeth and their roots which helps them to study the relationship between your teeth and jaw and can draw the treatment plan that works. Invisible braces are the best and the most effective treatment.

Get Set Smile with our experts at Aligner Factari now! Book a free 3D scan today.


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