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How To Handle Common Dental Emergencies?

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are common and can occur with no notice. It is not surprising if you have already had to deal with one, be it cavity, or caps, root canal therapy or other dental problems.

They may start with toothaches or infections or tooth damage due to chewing something hard. Events like losing a tooth or breaking a tooth can also lead to immediate discomfort. In most cases dental emergencies are usually caused by an undiscovered problem.

So, let’s talk in this article about dental emergencies and how to handle them for a good result in the end.

Toothache (the most common of the dental emergencies)

There could be number of reasons for tooth pain from having an infection, or have something lodged in your teeth developing a cavity to a toothache caused by a gum infection.

Start by rinsing your mouth using lukewarm water. This will help remove as many bacteria as possible from your teeth and gum tissue. This can also be done, if something is lodged inside your teeth, as it can wash out the object. Then it is easier to remove most foreign objects and bacteria from your teeth and gums.

Depending on the problem, and you’re concern about your oral health, the best thing to do is not wait it out but get an examination by your dentist.

Broken tooth

The enamel on your teeth is very strong. It helps protect them from chips and breakage. Yet breaking of the tooth is possible with baby and adult permanent teeth. If you break a tooth, try to save the broken piece and rinse your mouth with warm water immediately. It’s worth saving the broken piece because your dentist may get it reattached to the broken tooth.

If you can’t avoid breaking a tooth, try to leave the pieces of it in your mouth instead of removing them.

Tooth sensitivity

Some people feel pain in their teeth when they eat cold or hot food, this is called tooth sensitivity. Dental sensitivity can range from ‘mild’ to extremely painful. Sensitive teeth can be a mild annoyance to a serious problem. In some cases, patients with tooth sensitivity can be constantly distracted by a constantly aching or throbbing tooth.

Sometimes tooth sensitivity is the result of damaged tooth or decayed tooth. In such a case treatment help will be needed to relieve tooth sensitivity.

Early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues is extremely important in order to prevent further damage to your teeth.


A dental abscess is an infection, or collection of pus, that forms underneath a tooth and spreads to the bones and gums. Dental abscesses are caused by bacteria entering the tooth decay deep in the root. Warning signs that you might have an abscess include a painful, zit-like bump on your gum.

You can temporarily treat abscess by rinsing your mouth with salt water, several times a day.

Loss of dental filling

If you’ve had a dental filling done before, it’s likely that they will fall out. It most cases it may not be noticeable if it comes out of the cavity. If you accidentally swallow the filling component, don’t worry this will not be a serious matter in most cases.

If your filling comes out, leave it out. Visit a dentist near you and get a new filling fixed to avoid pain.

Dental emergencies aren’t fun and can happen anytime of the day. In such cases family dentist should be the first person to call if you have a dental emergency.

They can also take quite a toll on your pocket. If you are looking for ways to avoid costly dental emergencies, the answer is learning the best ways to prevent them.

At Aligner Factari we are always trying to help you get the correct information, follow us for more such updates.

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