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Helping customers is our main focus, Check out our upshots from our satisfied customers and doctors.

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What Dentists Say

These invisible aligners are giving wonderful results.

Its a new treatment modality and its a gift to the field of orthodontics where we can achieve faster results. The aligners from Aligner Factari are really comfortable and affordable.

Dr. Pallavi Kale

We have got astonishing results and satisfied customers.

I would recommend the aligners from Aligner Factari to all the general practitioners as well as the patients as a one stop solution for all your orthodontic needs.

Dr. Kunal Chavan

Effective and stable results with Invisible aligners.

They use series of aligners in a sequential manner to achieve desired and stable results for all those patients who want to improve their smile.

Dr. Akshay Gurde

Happy Patient Testimonials

I often thought it is too late for a person my age to get perfectly straight teeth. The thought of wearing metal braces was too dreading. So, when a colleague mentioned Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners, I was instantly interested. They are comfortable, pain-free, and totally transparent! So happy to have found Aligner Factari.
Vibhuti Patel 1
Ms. Vibhuti Patel
Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners were nothing short of a miracle for me. I went from being bullied for my crowded teeth in school to now roaming confidently wearing invisible aligners in my college. The best part, no one notices them as they are slim, effective and transparent. So happy with this journey!
Urvi Popat
Ms. Urvi Popat
I had gaps in my teeth, usually causing me a lot of embarrassment with food getting stuck in my teeth. Aligner Factari aligners not only helped me in closing those gaps but also transformed my smile and me into a confident we.
Ramalakshmi kannan
Ms. Ramalaxmi
Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners have done so much to help me feel comfortable and secure about my smile. From the scanning to the treatment, the team did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with the results.
Ravi Katira
Mr. Ravi Katira