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How Invisible Aligners Work - Patients

Let your confidence spark through your smile.

Get A Vibrant Smile With Our Invisible Aligners in 8 Simple Steps

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Let’s take a closer look at your teeth.

Book yourself an appointment at your preferred dental clinic. Yes, you heard that right! Pick from the options of getting your innovative 3D scan at the nearest dentist. Once the appointment is fixed, let your excitement begin for your smile transformation.

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Orthodontics meets 3D technology

Our Aligner Factari certified dentist will scan your teeth with our swanky 3D imaging technology in few minutes, without any discomfort. See your teeth impression in full color within minutes. Once the impressions are out, we then create your smile projection.

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Step into the treatment and transform your smile

Making use of the 3D scan, the Aligner Factari expert will draw your smile makeover plan, which will be proposed to the dental clinic to discuss the details with you. You will receive a custom-made trial invisible aligner to get you a glimpse of aligner world.

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Kick Start The Journey

Complete your payment and make way for a confident smile. Grab your invisible aligners kit from your dentist. It’s time to close those gaps, guide your teeth out of overcrowding, and get the crooked teeth corrected. Sit back, watch your smile transform over time. 

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Consistency For A Faster And Confident Smile​

Now discretely straighten your teeth by making invisible aligners a part of your daily life, as per your doctor’s advice. 

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Touch base with your doctor regularly

Don’t forget the smile protector once you start wearing your aligners. For a satisfactory result, keep visiting your doctor regularly and keep rocking those clear aligners.

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Brighten up with your smile

You won’t be able to stop staring at your new-found smile.

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We give you care wherever you are!

Our dentists are always available to put a smile on your face. Drop a line or call us for any queries throughout your treatment. 

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Our Dentists are here to Help.

Our dentists are always available to answer all your questions that you may have during the course of treatment. Click here for more information on how invisible aligners work.

What Patients Say

I often thought it is too late for a person my age to get perfect straight teeth. The thought of wearing metal braces was too dreading. So, when a colleague mentioned Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners, I was instantly interested. They are comfortable, pain-free, and totally transparent! So happy to have found Aligner Factari.
Vibhuti Patel 1
Ms. Vibhuti Patel
Aligner Factari’s clear aligners were nothing short of a miracle for me. I went from being bullied for my crowded teeth in school to now roaming confidently wearing aligners in my college. The best part, no one notices them as they are slim and effective and transparent. So happy with this journey!
Urvi Popat
Ms. Urvi Popat
I had gaps in my teeth, usually causing me a lot of embarrassment with food getting stuck in teeth. Aligner Factari aligners not only helped me in closing those gaps but also transformed my smile and me into a confident we.
Ramalakshmi kannan
Aligner Factari aligners have done so much to help me feel comfortable and secure about my smile. From the scanning to the treatment, the team did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with the results.
Ravi Katira
Mr. Ravi Katira

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