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Dental Braces For Adults

Dental Braces

Are you asking yourself “Can I get dental braces as an adult?”  We know that there are many adults who never had the chance to wear braces as a child because of their financial situation or because they didn’t know about this tool. Are you one of them, too?

It is possible to get dental braces as an adult. There are several different types of dental braces available, including invisible braces, or lingual braces. Well, brace yourself! This blog will definitely help you find the answers you need.

Braces are worn by people to realign their teeth to have a nice smile. Having braces as an adult can be a difficult decision. But if you don’t want to go through any pain and hiding your mouth while eating what can be your other option?

Invisible Aligners

It’s the latest orthodontic technology. Invisible aligners use cutting edge, digital technology to create your ideal smile. They’re easy to use and comfortable, with no metal and zero pain. Invisible aligners addresses problems from an overbite, misalignment to fixing the gaps in the teeth.

With a 3D scan, your invisible aligner specialist will be able to show your entire treatment plan, with the before and after pictures of your smile. During the course of the treatment a number of invisible aligners trays will be given to you, you will have to wear each tray for approximately 2 weeks. These aligner trays are custom made to gradually move your teeth in the desired position to get you your dream smile. They are removable, unlike traditional braces, which are cemented on. The aim is for you to gain confidence in your smile, without anyone else knowing that you are undergoing treatment.

Tooth straightening without having to deal with braces has caught the attention of many adults that have avoided the orthodontist in the past for this reason. You can get your dream smile without pain and metal with invisible aligners. Contact us at aligner and book yourself a consultation.

They’re invisible, safe, and discreet – people won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Lingual Dental Braces

A less-apparent alternative to traditional braces. Lingual braces help you close gaps and move teeth without using any metal on your teeth. The Lingual Brace System uses a lingual retainer and plastic brackets that fit discreetly behind your teeth and are invisible. Precision brackets are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. By placing the braces behind the teeth, it provides greater security than other adult braces.

Lingual braces help to improve your smile and bite over time, so you’ll look and feel better.

Lingual braces for adults can help in moderate to severe crowding, or with crossbites, overbites or open bites. As they are attached to your teeth from within your mouth, they are not removable, and less noticeable to others. This method of orthodontics is ideal for adults who want a more discrete way to straighten their teeth.

Although lingual braces typically do not interfere with the patient’s speech, some patients exhibit lisps and experience slight discomfort to their tongues while adjusting to the appliances. These symptoms usually go away over time as your mouth adjusts to the braces.

If you are considering getting braces, don’t hesitate to do so. The benefits are huge, and you’ll be left with a confident smile that can change your life.

Braces for adults are becoming more popular now, especially since more adults are receiving them for cosmetic purposes. Schedule an appointment, with Aligner Factari now.


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Dental Braces For Adults

Are you asking yourself “Can I get dental braces as an adult?”  We know that there are many adults who never had the chance to