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Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth And Invisible Aligners Treatment

Wisdom Teeth - Aligner Factari

Wisdom Teeth And Invisible Aligners Treatment

There are many questions about wisdom tooth and invisible braces for teeth straightening. Will they hamper all the work done by invisible aligners, will it reverse the treatment, does wisdom tooth make a difference? Don’t worry! It’s completely normal to fret, you wouldn’t want all the days and money to go to waste. Our expert is here to release all your worries.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Famously known as Wisdom tooth they mostly show up in their early adult years, ages of 17 to 25. So, the same age when kids mature or gained wisdom. In many adults, they are missing altogether, while in orders they come through. It is feared as in most cases they grow at a wrong angle, inflammation or infection or start to decay. Causing discomfort, pain, damaging other teeth. In these cases, they need to be removed.  There is a small possibility that in certain cases this will hinder your invisible braces treatment.

Do Wisdom Tooth Make It More Difficult To Straighten Your Teeth with Invisible Aligners?

In most cases, dentists would recommend removing the wisdom tooth during early adulthood. Since that is when they begin erupting. Yet, it’s perfectly fine to use invisible braces for teeth straightening when wisdom teeth are present or even so when they are still moving into position. It has little to no effect on your invisible braces treatment, says our in-house expert Dr. Tari. He further adds invisible aligners act till the 7th moral, i.e., the visible teeth in your smile. Wisdom teeth on the other hand is the 8th moral.

The wisdom tooth plays no positive role in achieving orthodontic outcomes. Often patients can still be viable candidates for clear aligners. In some cases, they can still be invisible aligner candidates with missing teeth.

Will The Wisdom Tooth Have An Effect On My Smile?

It’s a common myth that the wisdom tooth grow sideways and most assume they put a lot of pressure on their teeth that they have an effect on the straightness of their teeth. Some people also suggest that their teeth relapsed and went crooked due to the wisdom tooth, but there is no scientific research to support that!

The direct answer is NO. The wisdom tooth is not the culprit!

You can have your wisdom tooth extracted even if you have invisible aligners right now!

Sticking to the previous statement, wisdom tooth doesn’t affect your invisible braces for teeth straightening treatment. Your treatment will not affect your recovery from wisdom tooth removal! There is absolutely no need to worry about waiting to get your wisdom tooth removed.

To wrap up your wisdom tooth worries..

And also losing your wisdom tooth is not a big deal; we don’t need them. You can use Aligner Factari Invisible Aligners to straighten your teeth even if your wisdom tooth is still moving.

If you are considering invisible braces treatment to straighten your teeth, give us a call at Aligner Factari. We will walk you through your procedure so that you can achieve the best smile possible.

Get Set Smile with our experts at Aligner Factari now! Book a free 3D scan today.


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