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Invisible Aligners For Your Teens

Invisible Aligners

As parents, you want to give the best to your kids to help them grow into happier and successful adults. So, when you first find out that your child’s permanent teeth are coming in crooked, your first thought is probably about getting them braces or invisible aligners.

The social media ear has teenagers more conscious than ever about their appearance. Add this to the long list of tasks you have to tackle as a parent! Luckily invisible aligners for teeth offer a fantastic alternative for teens and adults to straighten their teeth. Most parents choose invisible aligners to safeguard their kids from anxiety and self-esteem issues. Wearing invisible aligners at a young age mean your kids get to enjoy straight teeth from a young age.

Why Invisible Aligners?

Unlike traditional braces, they are easily removable and practically invisible. At Aligner Factari each aligner is made to ensure a precise fit and bespoke treatment. Our 3D scanner gives us all the information we need about your child’s mouth, teeth, and misalignment. Our latest technology delivers each set of invisible aligners with this accurate data and gives us freedom from error.

The precision with which each set of invisible braces are made makes this treatment painless for your kids. Patients wear aligners for a span of 2 weeks period before switching to new invisible aligners. This way precise pressure is applied to the relevant teeth. It’s this gentle pressure that moves the tooth and creates a straight smile and perfect alignment.

When your child first begins treatment, it’s advisable for them to wear their invisible aligners for 20-22 hours each day. However, as treatment progresses your smile expert may advise switching to wearing them for 8-10 hours at night. Wearing invisible aligners at night prevents the teeth from moving into unwanted positions and ensures they remain perfectly aligned.

When is the right age for Invisible aligners?

Once children lose all their baby teeth and when their adult teeth start erupting through their gums. Their teeth are naturally moving during this phase, and altering their position is relatively easy. This happens around the age of 12-13 meaning that most young people are ready to begin wearing invisible aligners from this age.

The invisible braces treatment time may differ as per the severity of the misalignment. The approximate duration of invisible braces treatment in mild cases would be 8 months. In case of moderate severity, the treatment may go on for 12 to 15 months. So, it won’t be long until your child has a smile, they feel proud of.

Is your kid interested in physical activities or athletics? Invisible aligners will help them stay ahead of the game.

Invisible braces are a great option for teen kids who are into sports and athletics. Sports like football, hockey, cricket or recreational activities using a strike, ball, the bat have the potential of orofacial injury. These don’t play well with the traditional metal braces. Invisible aligners fit tighter and act like a mouth guard. They protect both the teeth and the soft tissues in the mouth by acting as a protecting surface.

Smiling faces and happy stomach Removable invisible aligners have very few restrictions on food in comparison to metal braces. Parent’s you can’t blame your junk food ban on invisible braces. Well, you could, we wouldn’t tell. Additionally, maintaining the aligners and cleaning them is easy-breezy.

Conclusion Invisible aligners offer a fantastic alternative. Parents are seen giving a smart nod to invisible aligners for their many benefits. Kids would rather not have noticeable braces on their teeth. With invisible braces, your kids will spend less time feeling self-conscious about their treatment. Invisible braces treatment with Aligner Factari is easy and convenient with online scheduling and fewer appointments. Get yours now. Book A Free 3D Scan with us.


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