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Are Invisible Aligners Safe?

Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners are 100% safe and the best option for traditional metal braces.

Many of us suffer from low self-esteem due to our appearances, but there are simple and small changes that can improve our confidence. Getting rid of the stubborn teeth/ straightening teeth are a few of them. Knowing what you put in your mouth is so important. So, you are considering Invisible aligners treatment to straighten your teeth. You’d probably have plenty of questions running in your mind. What are the aligners made of, are they safe, is the treatment accurate, and so on? We give you the rundown on Invisible aligners that no one’s telling you. How many invisible aligners will one need?

Mild Case15 Sets
Moderate Case25 Sets
Severe CaseAbove 30 Sets

The invisible aligners are made with a 3D technology using a 3D scanner brought in India from the Netherlands. Aligner Factari imported the renowned Trios -3 scanner from Denmark Europe.

Invisible aligners with Trios-3 scanner offers:
✓ 3 Trios – 3 solutions in one.
✓ Most powerful intraoral scanner to date.
✓ Wireless scanner optimizes comfort to both patient and dentist
✓ Superior technology reduces chair time ✓ Delivers invisible aligners with precision.

Trios-3 scanner features: ✓ Real colour-3D digital inferring
✓ Intraoral camera
✓ Shade measurement

CAD/CAM Engineering System Precision is key while making invisible aligners. We use 3D printing to print the invisible aligners and make sure not to leave any room for mistakes. Aligners made at Aligner Factari fit your teeth like a dream making it a pain-free treatment. The advanced technology delivers identical and customized invisible aligners for the patient. This helps to pre-plan and stimulate the desired result throughout the treatment.

What more? Aligner Factari’s aligners are 19times more pliable and tear-resistant. Say goodbye to discomfort, and say hello to comfortable invisible aligners.

Clear Transparent

Invisible braces are a smart method of straightening teeth without drawbacks. Because the material used is crystal clear, the aligners are invisible when worn in the mouth. They make an ideal solution for anyone wishing to straighten their teeth.

Co-polyester material and Abrasion resistant

Our invisible braces are able to withstand the effects of abrasive for example, repeated wearing. This will help the invisible aligners to maintain their original structure and look. We use co-polyester a superior impact-resistant material. With excellent appearance, clarity, toughness, heat, and chemical resistance. The materials show excellent properties in terms of breaking, strength, elasticity, resilience, and dimensional stability.

Highly bio-compatible

Our invisible aligners are made with optimal safety material with no skin reactivity proven to be biocompatible. The materials are long tested and approved in terms of cell biology and are safe to wear inside the mouth.

Thermoplastic elastomer and 3-layer plastic -BPA free.

Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners come with improved elastic properties and are made with plastic and rubber. It plays a crucial role in invisible aligners retention and force. The elasticity, dimension helps forces the teeth to their desired position. Invisible aligners are a great solution for individuals who seek treatment while still leading a comfortable life. Are you ready to take your journey towards a bright smile, with Invisible aligners?


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