Affordable & Comfortable Teeth Straightening.

The very first thing people notice about you is your SMILE… your TEETH. And we at Aligner Factari want people to smile a whole lot.

Aligner Factari aligners are truly invisible so you can smile with confidence throughout your treatment.

woman with invisible aligner

Analyzing your teeth for getting you the perfect smile

As a first step we analyze your teeth because most of the people fall into one of the below shown teeth structure. Understanding your teeth helps in effectively resolving the concerns about your smile.

Misaligned Teeth-Malocclusion

Misaligned Teeth

Crowded teeth

Crowded Teeth

Crossbite Teeth

Crossbite Teeth

Crooked Smile

Crooked Teeth


Overbite Teeth

Space Between Teeth

Gapped Teeth


Underbite Teeth

The solution you were looking for to straighten your teeth & transform your smile with a pain free & comfortable treatment.

Say goodbye to old metallic braces and switch to invisible aligners. Also, save thousands without compromising on care on your treatment. Get effective, removable clear aligners from Aligner Factari. Straighten your teeth in 6 months on average. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a beautiful vibrant smile.

Recommended By Experts!!!

These invisible aligners are giving wonderful results.

Its a new treatment modality and its a gift to the field of orthodontics where we can achieve faster results. The aligners from Aligner Factari are really comfortable and affordable.

Dr. Pallavi Kale

Its giving effective and stable results.

They use series of aligners in a sequential manner to achieve desired and stable results for all those patients who want to improve their smile.

Dr. Akshay Gurde

We have got astonishing results.

I would recommend the aligners from Aligner Factari to all the general practitioners as well as the patients as a one stop solution for all your orthodontic needs.

Dr. Kunal Chavan

The Smile You Wanted In 4 Easy Steps 🙂

Step 1


Book An Appointment As Per Your Convenience

Choose to book an appointment for getting your innovative 3D scan from the comfort of your home or at a dentist near you. 

Step 2

hiw step 2

Get Your Teeth Assessed By Our Dentist

The Aligner Factari certified dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination with a 3D scan of your teeth.

Step 3

hiw step 3

Virtual smile makeover results provided to you

Once you are satisfied with the evaluation & the suitable smile makeover plan, we begin to process your customized transformative aligners for the dental treatment.

Step 4

hiw step 4

Aligners Delivered At Your Doorstep

Once you approve your smile makeover plan, your invisible aligners will be processed. You can have them delivered at your doorstep or collect them from your dentist.

Affordable teeth straightening treatment under the guidance and care of an orthodontist.

Don’t let the invisible braces cost stop you from getting the smile you deserve. Aligner Factari offers multiple affordable treatment plans along with EMI options. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a beautiful vibrant smile because now improving your smile is easier and affordable than ever.

Aligner Factari Pricing

Our smile designer plan starts from Rs. 29,999.

Find your perfect smile, with no hidden fees and at affordable invisible aligners cost in India.

Includes 3D Intraoral Scan + Your Smile Makeover plan with before and after pictures + Free Visits To Clinics + 24*7 Support Throughout Treatment

Starts from Rs. 29,999/-* depending upon complexity.

* EMI options available.

Best part is your scan is done from the comfort of your home…followed by dental procedures at your nearest dental clinic under the guidance of a certified dentist.

What's Included:

Payment Options:

pay one-time or in installments via:

Debit Card | Credit Card | Subscription Payment on Credit/Debit Card | EMI

What Sets Us Apart?

Aligner Factari don’t just straighten teeth, we create beautiful, artistic smiles. Aigner Factari smiles are not like any other smile. We focus on the finer details of your smile and face to ensure total symmetry and balance of your facial features. We fine tune after most invisible aligner providers would think the case is completed. Our experience has helped put patients at ease for years while we craft their beautiful smiles.

Pain Free Invisible Aligners

Pain Free

The new aligner’s experience comes in smooth imported plastic trays that are entirely painless. 

Comfortable Invisible Aligners


Aligner Factari invisible aligners fit you comfortably and make your day a lot easier.

Easily Removable Invisible Aligners

Easily Removable

Remove the aligners without any difficulty during brushing, eating, and flossing.

Fully Invisible Invisible Aligners

Fully Invisible

Elevate your confidence alongside straightening your teeth with virtually invisible aligners.

Dentally Hygenic Invisible Aligners

Dentally Hygienic

Aligner Factari invisible aligners do not need any time spent on maintenance of our quality aligners.

No Dietary Restrictions Invisible Aligners

No Dietary Restrictions

Relish your meals to your heart’s content, with easy to remove easy to fix aligners.

Hi Tech Manufacturing Invisible Aligners

Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Our aligners are manufactured using FDA approved and certified materials and machinery specially imported from USA, Germany, and Netherlands.

International Invisible Aligners

Secure & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packed with the highest care when being handled to reach to you. Making sure you get them in perfect condition with our eco-friendly packaging.

On Schedule Invisible Aligners

On Schedule Delivery

We produce products accurately and deliver them to you in time, every time.

Aligners truly invisible. No One Will Know They are There. Start Your Smile Journey With Our Experienced Team To Create Your Best Smile.

Try affordable invisible braces – Explore Aligner Factari – Discover the difference today!
A winning smile tells a story. Aligner factari experts can help tell yours. Transform your smile using invisible aligners; make a great first impression. Contact us today to get started on your journey to get the vibrant and beautiful smile you deserve.

Our Happy Customers

Aligner Factari aligners have done so much to help me feel comfortable and secure about my smile. From the scanning to the treatment, the team did an outstanding job. I am very pleased with the results.
Ravi Katira
Mr. Ravi Katira
Aligner Factari’s clear aligners were nothing short of a miracle for me. I went from being bullied for my crowded teeth in school to now roaming confidently wearing aligners in my college. The best part, no one notices them as they are slim and effective and transparent. So happy with this journey!
Urvi Popat
Ms. Urvi Popat
I often thought it is too late for a person my age to get perfect straight teeth. The thought of wearing metal braces was too dreading. So, when a colleague mentioned Aligner Factari’s invisible aligners, I was instantly interested. They are comfortable, pain-free, and totally transparent! So happy to have found Aligner Factari.
Vibhuti Patel 1
Ms. Vibhuti Patel
I had gaps in my teeth, usually causing me a lot of embarrassment with food getting stuck in teeth. Aligner Factari aligners not only helped me in closing those gaps but also transformed my smile and me into a confident we.
Ramalakshmi kannan
Ms. Ramalaxmi

Best invisible aligners without sacrificing on quality.

Proud to be “Made in India” with superior technology and machinery from the USA, Germany, and Netherlands.

Avail a scan with the latest 3D technology and get on the spot digital results with before and after pictures + consultation by our clear aligner specialist.

Don't let that gap in your teeth stop you from smiling. Talk to an expert and book your 3D scan today!!!

* Cost of Aligner Factari treatment starts from Rs.4500/-. Aligner Factari offers a customized treatment plan and so the individual treatment costs may vary depending upon the complexity and duration of the treatment.

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