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5 Secrets Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth Only A Handful Of People Know

Bad Food For Your Teeth

5 Bad Food For Your Teeth

Since you are here you’ve likely paused to ponder on how important the health of teeth and gums are for the overall wellbeing. You might be thinking twice about what you’re eating and will it cause tooth decay, tooth cavity, hole in tooth, or teeth damage.

Certain foods affect your weight and wellbeing. Similarly, there are some foods out there that are terrible for the health of your teeth and gums.

1. Coffee- Caffeinated drinks and beverages are a leading cause of stained teeth, and they are the worst as they are resistant. Coffee makes teeth sticky and dries out the mouth. It is worst if you add sugar to sweeten your coffee.

Did you know coffee is acidic? This means that the acids in coffee can make the climate inside your mouth more prone to disease, dental cavity and damage the health of teeth and gums. This acid can lead to problems like teeth sensitivity, teeth damage and thin, brittle teeth.

P.S. If you love your coffee, you might have to pay for teeth whitening at some point in the future as coffee is a bad food for your teeth.

TIP: Try to moderately balance it out so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

2. Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits and drinks contain powerful citric acid; in fact, they can be used as cleaning agents. They contain some serious levels of enamel damaging acids and can cause tooth decay. Lemons and grapefruit are the worst offenders, with oranges lower on the list.

Whether contained in foods or converted into sugar by our mouth’s bacteria these can cause dental cavity and dental decay.

TIP: Drink ample of water to wash off the citrus after you finish eating such foods.

3. Sports Drinks – Hydration during exercise is important, but reconsider guzzling sports drinks. Skip the tooth stripper. Packed with sneaky sugars in most of them, they contribute to that belly of yours. It’s the sugar in the artificially sweetened soft drinks or sports drinks that also leads to tooth cavity. Some of these drinks may contain flavor enhancing organic acids that can erode tooth enamel and cause dental cavity. So you may be a sports drinks fan but they are a bad food for your teeth.

TIP: Let sugar stay in your mouth as briefly as possible.

4. Dry Fruits –Snacking on dried fruits is often touted as healthy snacks, however dried foods are tough on teeth. Dried fruits like raisings, prunes, apricots are similar to caramel. They go from hero to villain within seconds. Little did you know dried fruits are high on sugar and tend to be sticky. Hence, they cling to the teeth. Not ideal! These cause tooth decay, teeth damage, and affect the overall health of teeth and gums.

TIP: If you find yourself munching on dried fruits try to rinse your mouth with water and or floss carefully later.

5. Ice: Love that Icy cold feeling while chewing Ice?  – Ok, technically not food

But ice is a bad food for your teeth, especially for the health of teeth and gums. This cool piece can seriously damage the enamel leading to enamel erosion, teeth damage and eventually leading to toothache, tooth decay or tooth loss.

TIP: Switch to chilled water to avoid wear and tear of your teeth.

Conclusion: Food is meant to make you healthy and happy. It is always better to avoid foods that are bad food for your teeth and that have an extremely negative effect on your health of teeth and gums. Now you know what parts of your diet could put the health of teeth and gums in danger. It is important to know what to pay attention to and how to minimize the potential danger.

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